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9 September 2020

Why It’s Time To Adopt Practical AI for Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and regulatory compliance are critical activities for any organization. With a challenging economic climate, legal teams must increase their effectiveness in proactively identifying potential exposures and responding quickly to new requests, all while continuing to streamline their workflow.

In this webinar “Why It’s Time To Adopt Practical AI for Legal and Regulatory Compliance”, Kjell Carlsson, Principal Analyst at Forrester, Ian Cameron, VP Media & Entertainment at Expert System, and Quentin Reul, Director, Product Software Engineering at Wolters Kluwer, discuss how proven and practical AI solutions deliver the means to cost-effectively ensure conformance while still meeting company and employee experience goals. As a practical example, we will look at how the proactive analysis of regulatory documents enables the automatic identification of changes impacting tax regulation and how this information can be packaged and integrated with accounting and  tax filing software to notify the impact for an organization.


Guest Speaker: Kjell Carlsson,
PhD, Principal Analyst

Kjell serves application development and delivery professionals, covering data science, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. His research helps organizations take advantage of the increasing, untapped potential of these analytics technologies to drive growth and transform existing ways of doing business. His research agenda focuses on the strategies, best practices, skills, and vendors that accelerate the pace at which firms adopt and drive value from machine learning and advanced analytics.


Guest Speaker: Quentin Reul
Product Software Engineering – Applied Advanced Technology

Quentin Reul is the Director, Product Software Engineering – Applied Advanced Technology within the Wolters Kluwer Digital eXperience Group, which co-creates products and solutions with Wolters Kluwer businesses around the globe to serve professionals in the Legal, Tax, Heath, Finance and Compliance sectors. Quentin is part of the Advanced Technology team, which tasked with promoting the adoption of Artificial Intelligence to develop expert solutions throughout Wolters Kluwer.


Expert System Speaker: Ian Cameron 
VP, Media and Entertainment

Ian is the VP, Media and Entertainment at Expert System Enterprise where he leads the Publishers, Information Service providers and Media (PIM) vertical.  Serving and guiding customers in the successful completion and implementation their AI journey. With more than 6 years of experience in technology and 20+ plus years in the Media vertical, he looks forward to connecting the dots; from pain point(s) to resolution for PIM clients in the most innovative and transformative market in the upcoming years.



Join us on Tuesday, September 22 at 11 a.m EDT to:

  • Learn what fundamental market challenges need to be addressed for maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • See practical combinations of AI, automation and human intelligence to improve real-time decision-making with the right data at the right time.
  • Understand why AI is already a concrete and effective way to positively impact the legal and compliance teams in your enterprise.

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