Understand the past. Analyze the present. Control the future.

To stay competitive, companies need constant awareness of how markets are shifting and what competitors are doing. In addition, collecting and creating quality research on prospects and other commercial opportunities is a strategic task that can accelerate your sales activities. The abundant amount of information available on so-called open sources and subscription feeds offer a unique opportunity to better position your company in the marketplace. However, collecting information at scale is not enough to obtain a competitive advantage if you are unable to understand it and find what you need, when you need it.

Our marketing intelligence solutions provide your organization with the deepest, most comprehensive view of the market to support your strategic decision making, revenue generating activities and predictive modeling. Cogito gathers unstructured data from your marketing, customer and social channels, combines it with information from multiple external sources and identifies what is relevant in real time through Artificial Intelligence.


  • Collect and connect all of your unstructured marketing and customer data
  • Collect virtually unlimited new data sources: mainstream media, social media, local news, SME content
  • Out-of-the-box multiple industry-specific taxonomies and real-time extraction of data and events, such as corporate announcements, comments and press coverage, that can impact your sales cycles, out of the box
  • High level of customization
  • Advanced visualization features to provide immediate visibility of relevant events and association with target customers and competitors


Increase productivity of analysts by accelerating internal intelligence processes

Evaluate your strategic performance and identify deficiencies and opportunities

Generate new leads

Intercept market changes and trends

Feed this data into different predictive and business intelligence tools to get more comprehensive insight on your business