Legal and

Facilitate compliance management and minimize regulatory risks by accelerating the review processes for corporate policies and other external regulatory requirements.

For companies in highly regulated industries such as banking, insurance, telco and utilities, new regulation and legislation can have a significant impact on many areas of your business.

Translating new laws or modifications to existing regulation to ensure that your organization is compliant is a complex, time-consuming and costly process that requires comprehensive and accurate analysis of the large volumes of information associated with such changes.

Rather than requiring your legal and compliance teams to read each piece of information and manually find compliance information, the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of Cogito can help you monitor regulatory changes and extract the most relevant information to ensure that your organization remains compliant as it operates and grows.


  • Natural language Understanding and Natural Language Processing to acquire, filter and compare legal documents and information regarding new or proposed legislation
  • Categorization through pre-trained models to distill only the critical aspects of new legislation that may impact your organization
  • Automatically supply your compliance managers with the requirements to be implemented as a result of new legislation
  • Simplify the audit process in comparing legal documents to ensure constant alignment with corporate and local policies


Save time and reduce costs by leveraging ai to upload new documents, extract key requirements and focus on relevant topics and entities to be constantly monitored and easily accessed

Optimize legal reviews by navigating and clustering relevant concepts and information, and provide legal and compliance teams with more time for investigating higher-risk cases

Eliminate the expensive impact of misalignment between corporate policies and those from subsidiaries and local offices

Avoid costly fines by remaining compliant at any given time