Identify actionable information to mitigate risks in third party relationships that can threaten your operations

The reliance on an increasingly complex and global supply chain as a strategy to optimize costs and reduce capital assets makes third party risk assessment an essential process.

While subscription-based information or official financial data is beneficial for supporting the risk management process, being able to integrate real-time information found in open sources is critical for ensuring minimum exposure to disruptions from counterparties.

We apply Artificial Intelligence to help you minimize your exposure to risks from suppliers, partners and any other third parties that you do business with.


  • Acquire, aggregate and normalize data using a variety of proprietary techniques, public and pay-for-access APIs, web crawlers, media aggregators, threat intelligence partners, government and law enforcement watchlists and other sources
  • Analyze, enrich, match and deduplicate data to facilitate search, discovery and navigate results
  • Rich and customizable semantic and faceted search capabilities and a full set of case management functionalities


Provide the most up to date knowledge and intelligence on risks from suppliers and partners to protect your business and reputation

Integrate Real-Time Information from Open Sources and Other Data Sets Offered by Specialized Providers

Streamline the Counterparty Risks Assessment Process, from Information Analysis to The Notification of Issues that Could Impact Your Operations

Simplify the Transformation of Data Into Actionable Information to Minimize Risks

Facilitate the Dissemination of Validated Information to Implement Risk Mitigation Actions