Go beyond public financial data to capture and verify a wide range of information on customers and their relationships and ensure compliance with regulatory or general onboarding requirements.

The abundance of information available is an opportunity to both understand your existing and potential customers and to identify issues that may put your business at risk.

Leveraging advanced Natural Language Understanding capabilities, we improve the analysis of internal documentation and external sources to provide more effective insight for customer analysis, ongoing monitoring for compliance activities.

With Cogito, we support your organization in performing Customer Due Diligence (CDD) at onboarding and by conducting regular Know Your Customer (KYC) monitoring activities.


  • Capture and analyze data from multiple sources
  • Manage KYC activities by integrating business information, financial statements, news and data from open sources and internal databases
  • Ensure accuracy, consistency and compliance for all KYC documentation
  • Semantic and faceted search functionalities to quickly and accurately identify people, entities and events
  • Develop accurate profile lists and support continuous monitoring to keep profiles up to date
  • Collect, cross-check and analyze basic identity information and name matching against watch lists of known parties


Real-time analysis of publicly available information and accurate case management

Understand the behavior profile of company leadership to reveal factors that may indicate risk

Provide 360° visibility of customers through their interactions, online activities and in any owned or third-party information

Reduce high risk customer exposure, ensure alignment with credit limits and prevent predictable losses