Anticipate threats and provide decision makers with
real-time tactical and strategic actionable information

The role of corporate security has changed. Rather than just monitoring and reacting, corporate security professionals are required to proactively identify and anticipate threats. Therefore monitoring, understanding and combining external information with internal knowledge has become a critical success factor for any organization.

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions augment your analysts’ ability to effectively monitor external sources and explore and capture information relevant to a unique context, no matter the sector. Using Cogito, you can start with thousands of internal or external sources and, in a few clicks, access what matters most, including abstract connections and asymmetric threats, with the highest accuracy.


  • Acquire information from an unlimited number of sources
  • Tag documents with rich and comprehensive information: Identify relationships, facts, events and more than 60 different entity types
  • Leverage our pretrained, out of the box categorization models for Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Crime and Geographic domains
  • Choose from a variety of  rich discovery and visualization tools


More effective decision making through interactive data exploration, high throughput and immediate actionable results from terabytes of information

Proactive threat identification through the integration of diverse data channels, raw intelligence sources

More effective management of risk to operationals, fraud, travel, hiring and employment practices and cybersecurity

Complete customization of sources, use of both pretrained and customized models and various visualization capabilities