Capture the relevant information to provide insight for supporting strategic activities

Internal documents, emails, reports, presentations and analyses, combined with external information streams, all hold great potential for the insight that fuels your most strategic activities.

Unfortunately, this information—stored in silos, not shared or lost in the noise—often goes unused and puts businesses at a disadvantage, especially when it comes to decision-making.

We apply Artificial Intelligence to help you access all the information available, analyze and distill what matters most, providing your organization with new insight and intelligence that is actionable, timely and strategic.

Corporate security

Acquire, analyze virtually unlimited open sources to find and track evidence of events and facts that can threaten your organization

Know Your Supplier

Streamline big data analysis to expose the risks in third party relationships that threaten supply chains and financial operations

Know Your Customer

Support the KYC requirements at on boarding through OSINT to reveal any factors that may indicate risk or lack of compliance to Anti Money Laundering requirements

Marketing Intelligence

Monitor general and industry-specific information including data collected from your customer communication channels to analyze market trends and events, competitors and identify potential business opportunities

Legal and Compliance

Identify how new laws and norms can impact your organization processes and ensure consistency of legal documents across geographies