Categorize, structure and extract information from complex text in documents of any kind to expand the application of RPA in your organization

An accurate understanding of your documents’ content is crucial for the robotic automation of many processes. Unfortunately the standard text analysis tools embedded in many RPA platforms fall short in managing complex content, limiting the application of RPA to the most basic and least time-consuming processes.

The integration of our Natural Language Understanding technology addresses these limitations and extends the application of RPAs to a broader range of knowledge-intensive processes. With Cogito, information is collected and understood at scale. As a result, a significant reduction in operations costs can be achieved together with improved efficiencies, especially for more complex tasks, supporting faster, smarter decision making.


  • Replicates the human ability to read and understand any textual content
  • Understands content and extracts relevant data and the relations between data for every document used in the process
  • Classifies documents to trigger specific tasks in the process as required by each type of document
  • Applies reasoning to identify which information to extract based on the required task to be performed in the process


Improves the return of your current automation investments by extending rpa application to a broader range information-intensive processes and new use cases

Reduces human intervention and increases throughput of automated processes that rely on knowledge processing

Frees up the time of your most knowledgeable employees to allow them to focus on higher value tasks

Accelerates and scales the analysis, categorization and extraction of data from any kind of document used in the process to be automated