Understand the content of email and attachments to categorize and extract relevant information to optimize both internal processes and digital customer interactions

Email communication is an integral part of daily business activities. Email channels are not only one of the most commonly used customer touchpoints, it’s also where employees spend 1/3 of their time. As a result, more than half of an organization’s knowledge stored in inboxes.

By applying Natural Language Understanding to your email-based workflows, we automate and improve the effectiveness of automation for:

  • External business processes for digital interaction such as email customer support, messaging and social chat applications
  • Internal communications dealing with day-to-day operations, purchasing tasks, compliance activities, etc.

We apply Cogito to analyze the content of both email and attachments so that they may be accurately categorized based on priority and easily retrieved and used together with other strategic content.


  • Automatic and scalable categorization for all incoming email or digital messages
  • Accurate comprehension of each request, complaint or suggestion as expressed in the customer’s own words
  • Automatic extraction of all the data relevant for any downstream process from email attachments
  • Easy integration with your customer service and other legacy solutions


Time savings and improved efficiencies by automating email analysis and reducing manual efforts

Enhanced accuracy and precision

Streamlined customer onboarding processes and enhanced customer satisfaction through the timely handling of all customer inquiries

Advanced capabilities for supporting customer requests through the retrieval of relevant information from internal knowledge bases