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Multi-language understanding to build advanced question answering, voice activated chatbots and virtual assistants

Communicating with today’s customer or citizen requires multi-channel engagement that meets the challenges of a digitally sophisticated, empowered and demanding public who wants the flexibility to conduct business through an always-on approach.

Our Natural Language Understanding solutions provide the accuracy, speed and flexibility your customers need in addressing problems and answering questions, ensuring they can conduct their business anytime and on any device.


  • Deep multi-language natural language understanding for accurate comprehension of complex questions or compound action requests
  • Compatibility with any structured and unstructured knowledge base
  • Easy integration with other platforms, voice recognition software and legacy systems
  • Variety of connectors to integrate with third-party repositories including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Cisco Webex, Alexa, Google Assistant and WhatsApp)
  • Configurable handover between chatbots and human operators driven by specific events in the conversation or in the user experience, such as out of scope questions


Augment your customer service to provide the fast, efficient and informed assistance your customers want

Improve the customer experience, enabling conversational, human-like ways to give your customers information they need

Streamline customer interaction and avoid complicating procedures to complete simple tasks

Facilitate a conversation over to live human assistance, if necessary