Automate the cumbersome and time consuming activities of extracting and transferring data from required documentation

Customer onboarding is the process that includes all the steps new customers experience when they start using your product or service.

For new customers, the onboarding experience can set the tone for their relationship with your product. For sectors such as banking, insurance and utilities, the onboarding process is a critical step for ensuring that new customers comply with corporate policies or other legal requirements.

Cogito helps simplify and speed up the onboarding process. Cogito provides an accurate, automatic and flexible AI based capability to extract data from the various documents submitted by new customers in order to pre-populate the required data into other systems used by multiple departments in the onboarding process.


  • Automatic understanding and categorization of onboarding documentation by content and type
  • Rapid identification of missing pieces of information
  • Extraction and validation of relevant data to be passed from onboarding documents to customer relationship management platforms and accounting systems


Reduce costs of the onboarding process and the time spent on manual processing by automating the most repetitive and time consuming activities in the customer onboarding lifecycle

Maximize productivity and reduce common mistakes in the manual activities related to extracting data from onboarding documents and transferring it to other systems

Increase customer satisfaction by providing your customer with a faster, more reliable onboarding experience