Identify Risks through Automated Comparison of Global and Local Policies

When servicing customers or brokers, hundreds of contracts and policies are produced with terms that often differ from the master versions. Originating from customer specific negotiations, underwriters with varying knowledge, or differing legal systems and languages, these contracts create inconsistencies with unforeseen risk.

By reading, understanding and comparing relevant data in all program documents, Cogito identifies applies a reasoning engine to identify misalignment with economic impact.

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Contract Clause Comparison

Comparing policies, Cogito detects  discrepancies in the clauses, coverages and exclusions between the Master version, including best-in-class clauses, and specific Policies.

More than a simple difference comparison, Cogito identifies which differences have economic impact, highlighting inconsistent sections.

For thousands of documents in each contract, Cogito continually tracks and finds  variations as they occur.

Placing Slips Comparison

Underwriters are engaged daily in reviewing placing slips, documents in which brokers summarize the terms of a proposed insurance or reinsurance contract.

Cogito automatically reads, understands and extracts discrepancies and misalignments between newly submitted slips and previous year one without a tedious and error prone manual reading by underwriters.

Rationalize Dissimilar Documents

For long and content-intensive documents from different sources, the structure and format may be completely different.

Without reading the entire policy it is impossible to understand differences and exclusions.

Cogito automatically reads, understands and extracts critical policy terms from all the documents. It presents a consistent and organized representation of the content, without a tedious and error prone manual reading by underwriters.