Automatically tag your content leveraging pre-trained vertical models and out-of- the-box and customized metadata to increase findability and workflow productivity

Today’s organizations are sitting on an ever-increasing amount of data, of which 80% is classified as unstructured. As a result, ensuring access and usability of content has never been more challenging. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions streamline content enrichment and add structure, context and metadata to make your most relevant information easily findable and actionable.

With Cogito, you start from the accurate analysis of meaning to access and augment content, no matter where is stored and without disrupting ongoing business processes. This ensures that content is accessible, enabling knowledge workers and downstream processes to navigate, discover and share content with ease, all while reducing the manual effort required to process it.


  • Meaning and context-based content analysis
  • Automatic creation of a metadata map for better search
  • Customizable entity identification and extraction
  • Automatic document categorization
  • Out-of-the-box and customizable taxonomies
  • Granular data annotation, semantic tagging for machine learning projects


Cogito combines an out-of-the-box, domain independent knowledge graph and pretrained multilanguage models to:

Make your knowledge more findable through semantic and faceted search

Increase the efficiency of metadata creation through automatic tagging

Easily extract standard and customized entities

Enable structured data to be immediately added into your workflow or business processes