Categorize, structure and extract information from your documents to automate back office business processes

In today’s competitive market, organizations are under increasing pressure from all sides to streamline their internal operations and become more efficient. At the same time, accessing the massive troves of data that impact back office productivity – with the goal of to making the most out of it – has never been so challenging.

Through our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities, we enable automation of back office tasks that require processing text. By managing unstructured information with the highest level of accuracy, Cogito turns complex, knowledge-driven tasks into uncomplicated, error-free and streamlined processes.


  • Apply human-like capabilities to read and understand business documents
  • Augment your automation capabilities with accurate NLU in multiple languages
  • Accelerate and scale the analysis, categorization and extraction of data from any kind of document in each step of your back office processes
  • Full scalability and security on premise and in the cloud


Improve back office productivity by enabling the automation of information-intensive processes

Reduce human intervention in automated processes that rely on knowledge processing

Free up time of your most knowledgeable and scarce employees to allow them to focus on higher value tasks