CO-INFORM – A project aimed at generating more informed behaviours

Co-Inform – Misinformation generates misperceptions, which have affected policies in many domains, including economy, health, environment and foreign policy. Co‐Inform is about empowering citizens, journalists and policymaker swith co‐created socio‐technical solutions, to increase resilience to misinformation and to generate more informed behaviours and policies.The aim of Co‐Inform is to co‐create these solutions with citizens, journalists, and policy makers for (a)detecting and combating a variety of misinforming posts and articles on social media, (b)supporting, persuading,and nourishing misinformation-resilient behaviour, (c) bridging between the public on social media, external fact-checking journalists, and policymakers, (d) understanding and predicting which misinforming news and content are likely to spread across which parts of the network and demographic sectors, (e)infiltrating echo‐chambers on socia lmedia, to expose confirmation‐biased networks to different perception sand corrective information, and (f) providing policymakers with advanced misinformation analysis to support their policy making process and validation.

Project Duration: 36 months
Period: apr 2018 – mar 2021
Type of Funding: H2020 CO-CREATION 06‐2017 – Project ID: 770302

European Commission

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