Artificial Intelligence powered text analytics, extraction and categorization software to make the information you manage fully available for analytics, automation, robotics and more

Cogito Discover provides full comprehension of written text at scale to ensure that the insight and knowledge embedded in unstructured information is available for strategic and operational analysis and easily usable by your process automation robots.

Text analytics systems that use statistics and machine learning are incapable of accurately reading text and understanding language in emails, documents or web pages; therefore, they miss a great deal of important information. Instead, our Artificial Intelligence software mimics the human ability to comprehend every piece of information to enable you to easily address today’s information-infused world complexity.

Cogito Discover’s Natural Language Understanding engine provides powerful multilingual categorization, entity and relationship extraction and text analytics that identifies relevant information hidden in business documents.

These capabilities power scalable content enrichment and expand automation across a wide range of use cases.



Read and identify what is contained in any document and understand context, concepts, entities, relationships.


Achieve precision and granularity in automatic content categorization across any taxonomy, with proven business results.

Identify and extract entities

People, places, organizations, URLs, emails, phone numbers, dates, values and virtually unlimited domain-specific entities and concepts.

Extract relations between entities

Identify and extract roles played by entities in the relation, as well as their attributes and any other contextual information mentioned in content.

Cogito Discover Business Benefits FAQ

How can process automation benefit from AI-based Cogito Discover?

Cogito Discover automates labor-intensive information extraction and categorization tasks to improve your organization’s productivity while your employees focus on higher value activities.

Can Cogito Discover be integrated in other systems?

Cogito Discover works hand-in-hand with content management systems, portals, search engines, archival and case management platforms, Robotic Process Automation platforms and Business Intelligence applications to enhance their capabilities.

How does Cogito Discover architecture work?

By leveraging a rich, domain-specific knowledge graph and powerful customization tools, Cogito Discover can be put into production quickly and with reliable and highly scalable architecture for the number of users and documents. Cogito Discover can be easily adapted for different operational contexts.

What are the main business outcomes?

Cogito Discover streamlines text analytics efforts, extends the scope of RPA platforms and easily discovers knowledge and insight previously hidden and unused in your unstructured data.

Which formats does Cogito Discover support?

Cogito Discover produces all information discovered as XML, RDF and other formats so systems that cannot read (RPA platforms, search engines, content management systems) can incorporate the value contained in unstructured content.

Cogito Discover Use Cases

Intelligent RPA

Accelerate the implementation of RPAs by enabling the use of unstructured information through accurate and automatic extraction and categorization of data from text.

Content Enrichment

Make your content more findable by tagging topics, entities, relationships and other out-of-the-box or easily customizable metadata.

Back Office Automation

Increase efficiencies of back office activities by automating and normalizing time consuming and repetitive manual tasks related to the extraction of data from orders, invoices, reports and other documentation.