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4 September 2020

KMWorld Magazine Touts Expert System’s AI-based Natural Language Platform as a “2020 Trend-Setting Product”

Expert System KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2020


KMWorld Magazine released its annual “Trend-Setting Products” list which highlights products that are advancing knowledge management capabilities for organizations across numerous industries and use cases. We are thrilled to announce that Expert System’s AI-based NL platform has been selected to the 2020 edition of the list, marking the seventh consecutive year we have received this honor.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way organizations and individuals work, as well as how they support and communicate with customers and partners – making it clear that knowledge management is essential, now more than ever. By transforming data into information and then getting it to the people who need it, the resulting knowledge can be used for decisions that can make a significant impact,” said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher at KMWorld. “To help spread the word about noteworthy products that are helping to improve organizational systems, KMWorld created the Trend-Setting Products list.”

The AI-based Natural Language Technology Advantage
Our AI-based NL platform treats data and language as a unique enterprise asset, enabling better and faster decision-making. By unlocking the value of language, we make it simple and practical for any organization to accelerate business processes by accessing and understanding any kind of text (e.g., from documents, presentations, emails, contracts, claims, news and social streams, etc.) at scale.

To help you make the most of your information, we provide you with:

Proven AI for all data and processes. Hundreds of organizations spanning numerous industries have leveraged our products to accelerate their business processes.
Accurate, scalable and multilanguage NLU. Our platform exceeds 90% accuracy in understanding content across multiple languages in domain independent contexts (e.g., general news).
Predictable costs. Our out-of-the-box features and tools enable lower development costs and improve your Total Cost of Ownership compared to legacy technologies.
ROI in weeks, not months. Thanks to our out-of-the-box and open, understandable knowledge graph we provide shorter time-to-deployment, making it possible to enrich and customize our AI platform for different domains or tasks in a fraction of the time that other technologies.
Explainable AI. Our algorithms are trusted and intuitive so you understand exactly how they it work and why they generate your particular results.

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