Telco &

We support telco and utility organizations in their digital transformation, helping you capture efficiencies, enhance the user experience and simplify information sharing and decision making.

We apply Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the automation of customer-centric processes and streamline access to information from internal documents, social channels and other external sources. Having access to all of the information available to you means that you’re able to leverage it for more comprehensive visibility of current and future activities while reducing the costs of its management.

Digital Customer Interaction

Enhance multichannel engagement, providing natural language interfaces, self-service systems, chatbots, email management and optimizing other customer communication channels

Market and Competitive Intelligence

Make all information actionable, capitalize on intellectual property, capture new opportunities and monitor social channels to enhance decision-making processes

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Expand the scope of RPA by providing bots with additional data from complex documents to automate front and back office processes and internal workflows

Information Management

Support business intelligence and knowledge management by simplifying information retrieval and sharing

Risk Mitigation

Acquire and analyze a virtually unlimited amount of open sources to identify and monitor evidence of information and events that can threaten your organization